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Competion Rules



Each competition will have a distinct tournament structure. Please refer to the competition specific information for further details.


1. Pool Stage Matches


The first round of games will be played in pools on a round robin basis. For composition of pools please see competition specific information. Following the pool round there will be knock-out rounds.


1.1 Play will consist of matches between teams in the same pool on a round-robin basis. Pool matches will be seven (7) minutes each way with a one (1) minute halftime break.


1.2 All Pool Matches carry the following points:

· 3 points for a win

· 2 points for a draw

· 0 points for a loss


1.3 In the event of two or more teams being equal on competition points for any position in the pool table the higher placed team will be determined using the following sequence:

A. If two teams are involved and have played each other, ‘the head-to-head’ the winning team will take the higher position. If this a drawn match then the team which scored the most tries wins, if that doesn’t resolve then the team that scored the first try will progress.


 If more than two teams have equal points then the teams with the highest points difference will take the higher positions

B If teams are still equal the team that scored the most points will progress to the higher position

C In the event that the teams are still equal then the team that scored the most tries will progress.

D. If teams are still tied after all the above, the winner will be decided by the toss of a coin between the Managers of the teams concerned.


2. Knock Out Stage Matches

Following the completion of the pool play there will be knock-out finals stages. The draw will be based upon the team positions in the pool tables. For details on the knockout stages please see the competition specific information.


2.1 All quarterfinals, semi finals and the final will be played on a knock out basis.


2.2 All quarter finals and semi finals games will be seven (7) minutes each way with a one (1) minute halftime break.


2.3 The Finals will be ten (10) minutes each way with a two (2) minute halftime break. Unless otherwise agreed by both teams


2.4 In the event of a match being drawn at the end of normal time (in the knock-out stages) the winner will be decided on the following basis: The team which scored the most tries wins, if that doesn’t resolve then The team that scored the first try wins.


2.5 In the case of the Finals only, in the event of a tie at full time extra time will be played in five (5) minute periods until a winner is determined. There will be an interval of 1 minute after full time has been declared then extra time play shall commence. The first team to score will immediately be declared the winner and play will cease. After each five (5) minute period of extra time, teams will change ends, without stoppage, and resume play.


2.6 A score disputed after the match has finished must be brought to the attention of Pitch Control, prior to the commencement of their next game or within 2 hours of match completion whichever is soonest. A committee of the referee, team captains and match control officials will determine the correct result and their decision is final.


2.7 Due to scheduling constraints play will continue as often as possible to avoid any delays. Referees will penalise unnecessary delays as time wasting. All games are required to kick-off on time.


2.8 All teams are required to be at the allocated field and ready to start 5 minutes before the scheduled kick-off time. Any team not present at kickoff time will concede the match. A score of 20 points to nil will be applied in favour of the offended team. If neither team shows for the match, a score of 0-0 will be recorded and 1 point awarded to each team.


2.9. Should a game not kick-off on time for reasons other than the no-show of one of the participants (usually due to injury time in a previous match) the referee will shorten the match to enable it to finish on time


3. Rules of the Tournament


3.1 The rules of the Tournament, including their interpretation, are matters for the Disputes Committee. The Marble City 7’s Tournament Director will appoint a Disputes Committee to arbitrate on all matters concerning the rules of the Tournament. The Disputes Committee will be convened only in the event of an official complaint being registered with the Tournament Manager. In the event of any matters arising that are not covered by the rules, or ambiguity of these rules, the Committee shall make a ruling after interpreting the rules in the best interests of the game. Its decision shall be final, without appeal.


3.2 All the matches will be played in accordance with the Laws of the Game of Rugby Football (as published by the IRB including all 7-a-side variations) and the rulings therein, together with all by-laws and directives of the IRFU, IRB and the Marble City 7’s.


4. Abandonment

4.1 If a team refuses to play or abandons a match in progress without the prior consent of the referee, that team will forfeit the match. The Disputes Committee will decide upon the further participation of that team in the tournament.


4.2 If the referee or a tournament official abandons a match:

a) At halftime or any time in the second half, the score will stand.

b) During the first half, the result will be declared a draw unless the match is a knock-out or final stage competition in which case the score will stand.

c) Due to conduct of a team, the future participation of that team in the tournament will be decided by the Disputes committee.


5. Declaration of Squads, Teams and Replacements

5.1 Team squads will consist of a maximum of twelve (12) players. All twelve players are eligible to play in each match, meaning each team may make five substitutions during the course of the match.


5.2 A player, having been registered in a team, may join another team in any other competition as a substitute only if that team is playing in matches up to but not including the Quarter Finals.


5.3 Each squad must complete a Team Sheet (found in the Team Pack or available from Pitch Control) and lodge it with Match Control at any time or at least 15 minutes prior to their first match. If a team plays in more than one competition, a new team sheet will be required for each competition.  


 5.4 Once the competition has commenced, if a player is injured such that he/she cannot continue in the tournament, and the team is not participating in a quarter final, semi final or final, that player may be substituted with a player from another team. The Team Manager must register the replacement player via the amendment of their team sheet. The team sheet must be amended with the name of the new player, and the name of the team of which he had previously been a member. The revised team sheet must be lodged with Match Control no later than 20 minutes before the scheduled time for commencement of their next game   


5.5 Injured players who are replaced must have their names deleted from the original Team Registration form and replaced with the name of the approved replacement player.


  5.6 In the event of a front row player being injured the referee shall call Uncontested Scrums for any following scrum until either, the injured player is able to continue OR the injured player is replaced. For any injuries, the time will not be stopped unless it is determined by medical professionals, or in their absence, the referee, that the injury is serious.


5.7 Once a player has been eliminated through injury and his/her name deleted from the Team Registration form, that player can take no further part in the Tournament, and cannot be re-instated at a later date or time.


6. Understanding the Laws of the Game


6.1 All players are expected to have a basic understanding of the laws of the game of Rugby Union and have physical competency and fitness to play the game.


6.2 All players must hold valid medical insurance covering them to play rugby. Personal injury insurance is also recommended.


6.3. All players must be paid up members of a Union recognised rugby club.




7. Substitutions, Replacements and stoppages


7.1 All substitutions and replacements during a match, including but not limited to blood replacements, shall be made in accordance with the IRB Law 3 and the Seven-a-side variations with the exception of Vets teams, see 5.2 below.


7.2 Vets teams may use all players during a game. Substitutions may be made on a rolling basis with all substitutions being acknowledged and approved by the referee.


7.3 All non-Vets teams may only use five (5) substitutions in any one game. Substitutions must be acknowledged and approved by the Referee. Rolling substitutions are NOT allowed except in Vets games.


7.4 All substitutions should be made via direct communication with the referee.


7.5 There will be no stoppages for injuries unless they are serious enough to require the game to be stopped whilst the player(s) is removed from the field of play.


7.6The Tournament accepts no liability for injuries sustained during the course of the tournament.


8. Yellow and Red Cards

8.1 For persistent or deliberate fouls or other infringement the referee may issue a Yellow Card to dismiss a player to the Sin Bin for a period of two (2) minutes.


8.2 Carded players may not be substituted.


8.2 If a player in the tournament receives two (2) Yellow Cards during the tournament (i.e. the Yellow Cards could be from different games) they will be deemed to have been given a Red Card. A Red card prevents the player from further participation in the tournament.


8.3 Rule 6.2 will be applied to any subsequent card (Red or Yellow) that is received by the player once an initial hearing is heard.


8.4 Should the referee consider the infringement to be more serious, a player may be issued a Red Card and will be dismissed from the field of play and will take no further part in the game or the tournament.


8.5 Any disputes regarding the treatment of players upon the recipients of Red or Yellow cards will be decided by a disciplinary committee formed by the Tournament Director. The decision of the disciplinary committee is final.

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